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The new fourth edition of Electronic Filter Design Handbook illustrates Elliptic filter design with Filter Solutions.
Author Arthur Williams does an excellent job making Elliptic filter design easy.

Filter Solutions, Filter Light, and Filter Free are comprehensive PC windows based filter synthesis and analysis software packages for lumped, distributed, active, switched capacitor, and digital filters. Filter Free is the freeware version with minimal functionality. Filter Light is the low cost version with expanded capabilities over Filter Free, and Filter Solutions is the fully functional version. 

Filter Solutions planar distributed filters export directly to Sonnet Software (, and Filter Solutions and Filter Light lumped, distributed, and active filters export directly to AWR (, geographically limited availability).  Sonnet Lite optionally included with Filter Solutions installation.


Filter Solutions support the following desirable features:



Lumped LC Filters:


Distributed Filters:


Active Filters:


Switched Capacitor Filters:


Digital Filters:


Filter Free is the free version of Filter Solutions. Functionality is limited 3rd order analog and IIR filters, and 10 tap FIR filters. Filters are synthesized. Frequency, time, and reflection analysis are performed on the ideal functions only. Transfer functions are displayed in standard form only.

Filter Solutions 2010  and Filter Free 2010 are available from our Download site.   Trial periods for Filter Solutions may be requested from Nuhertz.   Filter Free is free.

You may purchase a license from Nuhertz Technologies, LLC at any time if you wish to continue to use Filter Solutions beyond the trial period.